Is an internship, a gateway for a good job?

This article will enable a detailed understanding about how internship works and a few tips to choose the right organization for the internship. Let us discuss a few serious questions, when it comes to internship. It is very important that you get noticed in the crowd while applying and doing your internship.

Indeed, getting an internship is not easy, however it is an important part of the job process.

How do I identify a good internship opportunity?

This is a very common question most of us have in our mind. Follow the below mentioned tips to identify the best internship opportunity.

  • Network Bigtime – Leverage LinkedIn features
  • Develop your skills – Train yourself on soft skills
  • Maintain a good rapport with target employers
  • Volunteer to do internship – Express your interest
  • Be Coachable – Open to learn new things

Why do companies offer internship?

Companies want to assess the human resources on a deeper level before it invests on them. A business entity wants to find the following, about you, before offering a job.

  • Are you coachable?
  • Are you a good fit for the job?
  • Do people like working with you?
  • Can you adapt to the company’s policies in a shorter period?
  • Do you have the capacity to organize and prioritize your tasks?

How to be successful during the internship?

Success is way beyond the completion of the internship. It depends upon how you work and what you offer to the organization. Following are the tips to be successful in the internship:

  • Understand your employer/reporting manager’s expectation
  • Identify the key stake holders and connect with them by giving regular updates
  • Be very interactive and curious about things which are around you
  • Prioritize your tasks and be organized in what you do
  • Be open to feedback and consider each feedback as a constructive one
  • Be positive and coachable,establish a professional presence

Indeed, internship is the best gateway to great career!

Wish you good luck


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