Solutions for 7 Biggest Challenges of Recruiters

Talented candidates are the real kings in this era of low unemployment which has coupled the rate with ever-changing needs of the job in the #staffing industry. They had always been the edge or in upper hands of selecting the organization they want to work for as they have multiple offers in hand. Thus, it makes a biggest challenge for the recruiters and HR managers to attract the attention of the Top-Quality Candidates. This creates an atmosphere of intense competition all around among recruiters to pitch in the best candidates for their clients.

Organizations are guilty of using outdated recruitment strategies and the challenges due to inability to understand the changing needs of the candidates making the recruitment process even more difficult for them. Let’s discuss the top 7 challenges faced by the recruiters and its remedies in this article.

1. Competition due to lack of exclusivity

It’s a familiar situation for all recruiters – 1000s of #recruiters calling the same job seeker for a specific position. Of course, the talents would get irritated.
The greatest solution for this competition is to build a strong employer brand that makes great candidates chase your company, rather than the other way around.

2. Handling Back-outs due to multiple offers!

Another biggest challenge is that, #Candidates with the Quality are having multiple offers in hand which becomes a game of dice for the #Recruiters.
Making the interview as a great experience for the Candidates is the best #solution for this Challenge. When a candidate is deciding between multiple offers, the interview is often the deciding factor, with 65% of candidates saying that a bad #interview experience makes them lose interest in the job.

3. Skilled #Talents shortage in the pool

Skilled labour shortage is one of the lasting challenges in the #Staffing Industry. This shortage would continue and manifest to the core pain in the years to come.
Authentic solution is to use the finest data to find the best places for recruiting. Tools like #ATS and #Artificial Intelligence based tools can help you to focus your recruiting efforts in short supply.

4. Validating the #candidates’ skills accurately can be complex

All-time biggest challenge is to screen the candidates to figure out that “Are they really perfect one for this Position before we on-board them?”
There are multiple options to test the consultants’ technical abilities, soft skills, workplace behaviour and there fit. One of them is using an online skills assessment tool. It becomes easy to compare candidates objectively, helping you mitigate any bias that might enter your hiring process.

5. #Hiring managers are captious with what they want

The craziest challenge is that the clients who don't discern that the hunt is a #collaborative process. They tend to have the opinion that it’s really not worth their time to share the feedback with the recruiters which turns out to be the critical challenge.
The key solution is to build the stronger relationships with your hiring managers. A study by Bersin and Deloitte found that the single biggest factor contributing to recruiter performance is their relationships with their hiring managers. Two-way conversation and probing the hiring managers will result in more productive conversations.

6. Lack of technical abilities (Recruiter) which results in distressing to answer the #consultants’ questions

It’s a typical challenge to understand the technical requirement & job specs which needs to be explained to the job seekers. Sometimes it becomes very complex to convince the job seekers for niche tech jobs where we don't have answers to all their queries.
Speaking with your Leads and #SMEs (Mentors) could be the best solution for it. Unless you’re a specialist recruiter, it is advisable to sit down with the Leads, Mentors and getting a crash course on the topic at hand. Updating yourself with all the basic technical skill will put you in the comfortable seat to clarify the queries of the job seekers.

7. There aren’t adequate time in a day

Many of us would feel that there is no abundant time to complete their required tasks which results in No Prospect No #Closure, No Closure with Prospects and the worst would be “No Submissions”
Prioritizing the Important Tasks would give you the best solution. It is highly advisable to plan your day in advance. Stick to your plan and use effective ways to source the profiles. In fact, spending time in sharpening the axe is more important than spending time in cutting the tree – Plan your day to spend more time in understanding the requirement so the results could be better than what you expect.

Wish you good luck

Thadam Team
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