Congratulations! We appreciate your effort to find a path for yourself. You have made a wise decision to explore your journey through “Thadam – The Path”.

The Staffing, recruiting and workforce solutions industry makes a vital contribution towards U.S. and Indian Economy. Figuratively, total Staffing and Recruiting Industry Sales Increased to $150 Billion in 2016. Such is the magnitude of staffing industry.

Thadam is a Skill Development Initiative by KRG Technologies Inc. USA. KRG is a successful staffing company for nearly 15 years now and have surpassed and withstood all fluctuating market trends, major recession times and economic break downs. There was no down time and the efforts of KRG to have upskilled its employees gained confidence from its clientele. KRG is considered trust worthy because of its efforts and credibility.

Having great understanding of staffing and its trends, KRG Technologies Inc. USA has joined hands with Thadam – The Path in coming up with a course design to train young graduates like you to enter a million-dollar industry.

With growing needs in staffing industry, we see a huge gap between the demand for professional recruiters and actual presence of certified, qualified, skillful recruiters who can produce quality results. Training and upskilling has become mandatory to give best in class solutions.

Successful completion of this course, Thadam would assist you in finding a job in the world of Global IT Staffing as a Certified US IT Recruiter, a never look back path to success.

Certified US IT Recruiter, which is crafted dynamically for anybody to understand and master staffing and the industry as such. This training course is a very detailed one, touching upon every cell and tissue of staffing. We won’t let you just there. We understand that a ‘student’ to ‘workforce’ transformation is critical and life changing. Most of you are left unguided during this stage. Upgrading yourself with necessary soft skills apart from technical skills is of major importance to transform yourself to become a workforce.

We at Thadam have planned our training curriculum inculcating necessary skills that will make you the best fit in the Staffing Industry. For you to have an engaging and a meaningful session, we have looped in best-in-class field experts to train you in their respective process of staffing.

You will learn all about US staffing methods, recruitment jargons, psychology behind recruitment, modern recruitment trends and so on. Also soft skills training, from making a phone call, email writing, interview skills to business etiquette will be provided. You will be coached to tap your areas of improvement, mentored to focus on your attitude development for better transformation as a person.

We ensure experiential training having application beyond classroom and transferability to future situations. We do provide case based learning to guide you to real life scenarios of staffing. You will also be given live requirement to experience and develop a deep approach in learning staffing concepts.

Sounds interesting? It’s your chance of blooming to higher scopes.

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