There is a common underlying statement in our society is, ‘English speaking skills are a must’. We will try to understand the deeper meaning of this statement.

English speaking skill is an essential for the successful future of a student. We live in a highly competitive world where English communication is the most sort after quality in an educated person. Whether you are an engineer, teacher, trainer, sales person or any professional, having a firm grasp of English communication plays a vital role these days in achieving success. Right from cracking a job interview to getting promoted, it is fundamental.

English is a Universal language. English speaking skills give you the edge over others who lack in English speaking abilities. Speaking English allows you to broaden your world.

Lack of English skills is a daring problem for youngsters today. Many of us would have experienced being sick and tired of choosing correct words when trying to speak in English. There are times when we have stopped ourselves from participating in competitions or even a simple classroom presentation. Automatically pushing down our confidence and self-esteem. The consequences are much more, thousands of people are not able to find jobs just because they lack proficiency over English.

But why English. Every country is becoming multi-cultural. English has become a connecting language across cultures, states and countries. You only have to learn one language to connect with all. It is a language of trade. It is also the language of technology. And of course, having a good command over English will give us ample opportunities in our career path. Are you a ‘wannabe’ shining star in your career?

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