How to identify whether you own a right job?

Attempt to answer the following question!

  • Are you happy heading towards work?
  • Does your boss know your contribution?
  • Do you get calls from office when you are on leave?
  • Did you get any appreciation recently?
  • Did you learn something new in your job?

If you have a ‘NO’ for any of the above questions, it’s high time you break your shell and come out of your comfort zone.

Irrespective of your industry, the above questions are absolutely relevant to your job. In fact, non-dreamers pick up a job which comes on their way. Dreamers choose their career. Be a dreamer. You must focus on your core interest and likings when you choose your career. However, it is not too late to change or rebuild your career based on your interests.

The work place where you belong to should fetch happiness, appreciations and progress. In fact, your involvement can facilitate these three things which can improve the relationship with the organization, when you own a right job.

You can follow the below mentioned process to attain a right career for yourself:

  • 1. Develop Self-awareness and Self-esteem to identify your skills and achieve confidence
  • 2. Take a counselling from an expert to understand the available career options
  • 3. Set serious goals and create a roadmap with proper milestones
  • 4. Make your first step count! Take action
  • 5. Be more consistent in what you do.

If you follow these steps nobody can stop, you from identifying a right job which suits your skill set.


Media Team,
Thadam-The Path
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