Individuals who want to explore the options available in Staffing Industry, should know the history of Staffing industry.

Let us dive deep in to it.

The history of staffing industry dates back to 1900s’. At the time of World War II, men and women were overseas fighting. The number of open positions to be filled by employers’ sky rocketed. It was highly impossible for them to accomplish this task. To speed up taking in employees, they needed help. This gave birth to staffing industry. They started to place part-time work force. And the cycle of finding and developing human resource gained momentum.

The success of the system paved way for them to open their doors to everyday job seeker. Past 1970, the staffing as an industry started to evolve. They started to have repeat clients and acted as Human Resource department for the employees they assist.

Staffing companies in the process of evolution gained higher level of expertise than the employers’ Human Resource department. Employees of staffing companies- recruiters possesses higher level of knowledge on market trends, job knowledge, and also industry specific knowledge as they work with multiple companies having multiple specializations.

And they do all of these at very lower cost, which again seemed an attractive factor for employers to rely on staffing companies. With such lower cost staffing industries were able to fill adequate staff. They also manage on processes like pre-employment testing and background investigations themselves which is a huge cost cut for employers. Employers believe staffing companies can provide highly qualified staff with minimal cost.

The very advantage of staffing companies is the network they have. They have a large pool of potential candidates in their network. They have well established professional relationship with them. For any job vacancy, recruiters can immediately spot for potential candidatures in a short span. Their network is so broad that they can readily fill in any positions.

The market size of this industry has grown up so much that it makes a vital contribution towards U.S. and Indian Economy. Figuratively, total Staffing and Recruiting Industry Sales Increased $150 Billion in 2016. Such is the magnitude of staffing industry.

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